At last – what I can get for over $200 bucks!

Forgive my absence my dear readers.  I haven’t been able to post in so long, I was going through withdrawals.  The absence was my own fault – we’ve just been so busy.  No fear though, I’m back.  You can look forward to the weekly posts from now on.

So we’ve finally made it to my last post in the what can I get series.  It’s taken me forever to come up with what I think is the best pocket knife for over $200.  I came up with three really simple criteria – 1: is it reliable, 2: is it special, and 3: is it cool…the Boker Che pocket knife with Stainless steel handle answers all three with a resounding YES!

The stainless steel Boker Che pocket knife is reliable – that means it works when it is supposed to and will stand up to what you put it through.  The blade is made of N690BO, which is a special alloy containing cobalt.  No joke but we used mine to skin an antelope.  It’s an ambidextrous knife and it opens with both left and right hands by use of the thumb studs.  That ease of movements transitions us into the second questions – is it special?  YES!  The designers at Boker created a new mechanism called Plate Lock. Plate Lock also accesses with either hand and prevents accidental release of the locked blade. This blade flows into the redesigned, very ergonomic handle.  Boker replaced the normal aluminum handle plates with cutout stainless steel.  This improved the strength and balance of the pocket knife.  It’s also the reason for 3: is it cool…just look at it.  It’s stainless steel.  It’s got cutouts.  It’s got plate lock.  It’s strong.  It’s user friendly.  It’s just cool.

Check out the Boker stainless steel Che pocket knife.  It’s well worth the price tag.

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