Ceramic Blade Pocket Knives

I was killing time one day, looking at pocket knives. I found ceramic blade pocket knives and it made me wonder what was so special about them. The people at Pocket Knives Mall gave me the lowdown on what makes these so special.

Made from Zirconium oxide, they come in white or black blades. Black blades have been subjected to higher pressure and firing to release zirconium carbide. Ceramic blades are produced by compacting Zirconia powder under high pressure presses, and then fired like all ceramics, at an intense heat to produce their hardness.

On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, zirconia ranks 8.5, compared to hardened steel at 6 to 6.5 and diamonds, which are ranked at 10. In order to sharpen the harder, zirconia ceramic blade knives, an industrial diamond dust coated grinding wheel is necessary, as opposed to ceramic whetstone, which is often used to sharpen stainless steel knives.

Advantages of Ceramic Blade Pocket Knives:

• Ceramic blade knives will not rust and are non-conductive and non-magnetic, which makes them useful for household projects. Since you can stick the blade in a light socket and it won’t react, ceramic blades are perfect for electrical repairs.

• They retain their sharp cutting edge up to ten times longer than forged metal knives do.

• They have a chemical inertness to acids and alkalies, which make them great for dealing with corroded batteries.

• The tips are resistant to rolling and pitting.

• They are much lighter in weight than metal knives, making them easier to handle.

• If the blade chips, you may be able to grind the blade back into shape to repair it.

I think I’m going to have to get one now.  :)

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